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I have always been among those who believed that the greatest freedom of speech was the greatest safety, because if a man is a fool the best thing to do is to encourage him to advertise the fact by speaking. (我以為讓愚蠢的人自暴其醜, 正是最大之言論自由所以是最安全的主因)


書畫言心每月小品 Epic of Vision for the Month

Eternal Beauty of Purity 永恆純潔之美

雅可樂 Artholic

eternal beauty
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Who can tell what a peacock will be
if stripped of the emerald color on its feather and eyes on tail?

Then, to all people's surprise,
right before us is an exhibit of the eternal beauty of purity.

If it was cursed once upon a time
for not recognizing the envy of "Hera"1 at the beauty of "Io",2
now it is blessed for its heart of mercy.

If it was punished once upon a time
for not offering an immortal host for the accommodation of the eyes of "Argus"3,
now it is blessed
for not compromising its compassion on the suppression of the powerful to the weak.

Without conscience,
extravagance of color is but the sign of injustice and
eyes of jade the symbols of fanatic loyalty to evil.4

So "blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."5


  1. In Greek mythology, Hera was the wife and older sister of Zeus, who was  the king of the gods. 
  2. Io was a beautiful priestess of Hera. She was seduced by Zeus.
  3.  Argus Panoptes was a giant with a hundred eyes. He was thus a very effective watchman, as only a few of the eyes would sleep at a time; there were always eyes still awake.
  4. The bright spots on male peacock are known as "eyes", and inspired the Greek myth that Hera placed the hundred eyes of her slain giant Argus on the tail of her favorite bird. Click <here> and <here> to see the  wikipedia illustration about the legend of the eyes of peacock in Greek mythology.
  5. Matthew 5, Bible.

小傳 Biography

從 為學至工作,皆不務正業,但非作奸犯科, 偷搶拐騙之謂也, 正業之於上智者言,齊家治國平天下、經世濟民之學也, 於下愚者言, 謀一技以傍身,安家立室,養妻活兒之術也,.雅可樂率性而行,不為物役, 鎮日詩詞歌賦,丹青翰墨,吟風弄月,皆非早年港人營生之正業,可幸道非常道,名非常名,世易時移,港人脫貧致富,自然財大氣粗,附庸風雅者日多,一體一 藝,竟成教育主流,昔日難賴以營生之技藝, 至今被吹舉為創意工業、經濟轉型之所繫。雖則離事實尚遠, 憑一藝以謀三餐一宿, 未若往昔艱難,憶苦思甜, 已堪回味,與網友共享創作苦樂.版權公告免責條寬私隱政策